Ukulele Xmas

I wake up in the morning and check the weather
Curse my luck and put on another sweater
I see how deep the snow and ice is
I’m depressed or it’s a mid-life crisis
it’s xmas day—gotta get outta this funk
Hope at least one present is more than just junk
Come down the stairs & look under the tree
There’s an oblong present addressed to me
I unwrap the paper and inside there’s a note
But just 2 words are all that they wrote
The instructions say only “play me”
And now I have my own ukulele

This will be my Ukulele Christmas
I’ll pack my troubles & go where the Arctic winds won’t blow
Let’s all have a Ukulele Christmas

They say it can be played with relative ease
And the sounds that it makes are like a tropical breeze
These four chubby fingers, one for each string
A few simple chords and I’m ready to sing

This will be my Ukulele Christmas
My worries will fade away as I learn how to play
Let’s all have a Ukulele Christmas

My uke is so pretty, it’s new and shiny
Not big like a cello, no it’s cute and tiny
But I’m not small so I worry ‘bout that
Does this uke…make me look fat?

My uke’ll make you smile every single minute
Make you drink egg nog with an umbrella in it
Make you forget that the cold blows
Make you wanna have on fewer clothes
Make you forget about the ice and snow
Make you wanna snuggle under mistletoe
Make you happy as Santa Baby
Make you wanna get … your own ukulele

This will be your Ukulele Christmas
You’ll pack your troubles and go, where it doesn’t get so dang cold
Let’s all have a Ukulele Christmas

And if this song brings you some Christmas cheer
Or makes you wanna put a lime in your beer
Or if it warms your heart just a single degree
Well, you know…that’s good enough for me

This will be our Ukulele Christmas
we’ll pack our troubles and go and play a ukulele xmas show
Come and join our Ukulele Christmas
Our worries have gone away because we’ve learned to play
Let’s all have a Ukulele Christmas

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