That's a Menorah

At Christmas time, when carols ring
If you’re left out, here’s what you sing

When there’s holiday lights,
but you don’t believe in Christ,
That’s a menorah
When your religion is older than
Moses’ candleholder
That’s a menorah
It’s yuletide, dai-del-dai-del-dai, dai-del-dai-del-dai
But for you, no Santa Claus
Baruch ata, fa-la-la-la-la, fa-la-la-la-la
You know fruitcake fails kosher laws

When your best friend’s a moyl
and you’ve run low on oil,
For your menorah
When you’re buying some toys,
but not for any goys,
At the mall
When you have a good book,
but just five chapters you took,
that’s the Torah
What we say, is ‘Oy Vey’, in our Yiddishe way
That’s a menorah

When you do shopping later,
‘cause you’re having a Seder
With a menorah (that's a menorah)
There’s no manger and cradle
and you play with a dreidel
And a menorah (that's a menorah)
Hanukkah, fa-la-la-la-la, fa-la-la-la-la
Though it falls close to Chris-a-mas (close to Chris, close to Christmas)
Deck the halls
with some Matzo balls, lotsa Matzo balls
Shlep your tokhes off to a bris (lucky fella)

When your friends they all kibbitz
on egg nog Maneshevitz
That’s ferkakte
When the star on your tree
has six points don’t you see
You’re a Jew
When your stocking is hung,
but you’d much rather run
To Miami Beach’s shore-ah
Skip the flight and burn bright all the candlelight
On that menorah, (menorah), that's a menorah

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