Santa's Helpers

Produced by Chris Kringel & Joel Kopischke

(With help from Jamie Johns)

Joel Kopischke  
Barbara Stephan  
Vocals & Vocal Arrangements
Tommy Hahn  
Mike DeRose  
Yukon Jack  
Drums & Sleigh Bells
Chris Kringel  
Bass, Ukulele, other Instruments & Noises, Programming, Band Arrangements


Lou Cucunato  
Piano on Hopeless Wrapper
Peter Mac  
additional Guitar on Hopeless Wrapper
Jon Pelk  
Banjo on Thank God I’m A Santa Boy
Scott Paulus  
Tim Donderevo  
CD Artwork
Great Lakes Media  
Chris Kringel  
Sound Engineer, Santa’s Workshop, Pewaukee, WI

Thanks to Jamie, Alan, & Kelli for helping me refine the tunes. Thanks to John Cramer & Waukesha Civic Theatre for inviting us to play every year,giving me a reason to write new tunes & providing a great venue to try them out.

Thanks to everyone who has joined in my live shenanigans: Jamie Johns, Mark Kindler, Alissa Rhode, Anne Van Deusen, Ken Marchand Charlie Cox, Fred Pike, Mark Haller, Scott Kopischke, John Cramer, Dave Jeppsen, Jay Kummer, Chris Kringel, Kelli Cramer, & Rose Spice-Kopischke. Thanks to John Tanner & Steve Comeau for teaching me how to do this. Thanks to everyone who bought ‘I Got Yule Babe’ or saw one of the shows! Thanks to Nicole & Sandy for marketing & PR help. Thanks to Anne Held for being a good sport.

Thanks to anyone I might have forgotten.

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